Tired of doing camp each year that wears off before school starts? Our camps are designed with more than a great experience in mind. We strive for true and lasting change. We believe in ongoing life change not just the "camp high." More than just focusing on the individual student and adult worker, we teach them how they fit into the "big picture". Instead of a barrage of topics our camps direct your group onto a path that will perpetuate life change and growth.


aim missions trip 2019: cape cod, massachusetts

June 28- July 6, 2019

We are very excited to be sending a group of students and leaders to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts this year!



We believe in the next generation of students and also understand that the children of Pastors and Missionaries need space to just be a kid. At the annual PK (Pastor's Kid) Retreat, which is open to both the children of Pastors and Missionaries, a student will be able to have the space they need as well as be poured into by our leaders.

They will be challenged to grow over the course of the next year and to be the spiritual and physical leaders in their families, schools, and communities. At the same time, they will be having the time of their life, being able to let their hair down,  and enjoying the companionship of other students  who are in the same area of life as themselves.