for the three

Northern New England consists of three states: Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

These states are full of beauty and life. But they are also a dark place.

Our three states are the top three most unchurched states in America.

NNEDYM exists to change that. We believe that teenagers and students are our future and our now. Revival is coming to New England. Revival is here in New England. And it's starting with you.

for the set free

It's not just about our three states, but beyond. 

We partner with Speed The Light to help spread the gospel, not just across our states, but across the world.

Providing essential equipment through vehicles in order for those in unreached areas to be reached.



We offer an entire week of camp for teenagers to hang out, worship, learn, play, and laugh together. 

Every year has a different theme that we focus on. This year, we are focusing on your future. Who you were, who you are now, and who are you going to become.

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