District Youth DirectorS

Travis was born and raised in a small town at the foothills of the Appalachians, Dahlonega, Georgia. It was here that his family raised him in church and here, during summer camp, he felt the call for full-time ministry. Following the voice of God in his life, Travis moved to New Hampshire to attend Master’s Commission and would later help plant another Master’s Commission in Waterville, Maine. During his time in Waterville, he was asked to become the Youth Pastor and has been for the past five years. 

During those five years, Travis met his wife Erin and together they have two beautiful children: Lucie Lu, a 3 year old shitzu-poodle mix and Jones Daniel, a 1 year old golden-doodle mix. They have been married for three years, the best three years of Travis’ life to be exact. Travis is an avid sports fan, rooting for the likes of the Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Raptors, and the Atlanta Falcons (yes, he remembers Super Bowl LI). 

He has loved his time in Waterville with thePoint Student Ministries and Centerpoint Community Church. Although he is sad to be leaving a place that has made him into the man he is today, he is humbled and blessed to accept this new position. He doesn’t know exactly what the future holds, but he does know he’s going to do what he has always done and that is to listen to God’s voice in every area of his life.