summer camp 2019:

american ninja camp

Tired of doing camp each year that wears off before school starts? Our camps are designed with more than a great experience in mind. We strive for true and lasting change. We believe in ongoing life change not just the "camp high." More than just focusing on the individual student and adult worker, we teach them how they fit into the "big picture". Instead of a barrage of topics our camps direct your group onto a path that will perpetuate life change and growth.



AGES: 7-12

LOCATION: Faith Bible School International, 29 Main Rd, Charleston, ME 04422





AGES: 12-18

LOCATION: Faith Bible School International, 29 Main Rd, Charleston, ME 04422





COST: $290 per camper standard cost, $240 early registration rate if postmarked by early registration deadline of JUNE 15.

CAMP SWAG : This year every student will receive a custom drawstring bag, water bottle, and headband.

SPENDING MONEY: Campers may wish to bring $25.00 - $30.00 extra spending money for offerings, snack bar, souvenirs and postage. A Camp Bank will be available. Camp Bank money can be deposited at time of registration. This money will be available daily to the camper. Unspent money will be returned Friday morning. The District camp staff is not liable for monies that are not deposited into the camp bank.

REGISTRATION: Walk-ins, Phone/Fax Registrations or Partial Payments WILL NOT be accepted! Carefully read Camp fees and dates on the registration form. If a student cancels their registration prior to the first day of camp their registration fee may be transferred to a replacement camper. Mail registration form and fee to: N.N.E.D. Camp Ministries, 501 Riverside St, Portland, ME 04103-1034.

LOCATION: Faith Bible School International, 29 Main Rd, Charleston, ME 04422

HOUSING: We will try to honor requests for two or three campers to be together providing they make the same request before the deadline. Requests cannot be changed once assignments are made or on opening camp day. Capacity is limited to 200 campers and/or sufficient staffing for the camps.

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Campers are to arrive between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm on Monday. Departure time is Friday at 12:00 pm. NNED camp staff are not responsible for campers left unattended, who arrive earlier or depart later than these listed times.

MEDICAL POLICY: State law requires each camper to have a full medical examination within two years of the opening day of camp. This exam must be verified via the proper signature (See the registration form).The Authorization for Treatment on the application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. All prescription medication must be brought to camp in their ORIGINAL CONTAINERS, with prescribed instructions. Our camping program is covered by a limited accident and liability insurance for the entire time campers are in our care. For more information contact the NNED office.

WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bag or twin bed sheets and blanket, pillow, sleep wear, flashlight, towels, wash cloths, personal care items, flip-flops or shower shoes, sneakers, extra shoes, swim wear, appropriate clothing, Bible and notebook, a pen/pencil, & camera. Campers are responsible for personal belongings.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: iPods, radios, electronic games, CD players, cell phones, MP3 players, improper magazines, improper books, knives, firearms, drugs, cigarettes/tobacco, fireworks and Bad Attitudes.

EMERGENCIES & VISITORS: In order to maintain camp continuity, under normal circumstances, campers should not be visited or contacted by phone while at camp. In case of an emergency, you may leave a message by calling (207) 859-0023.

CAMPER MAIL: Daily “Mail Call” is a highlight of Camp. You may send mail with camper’s name to: Faith Bible School International, 29 Main Rd, Charleston, ME 04422. Please write “NNED Camp” in lower left corner of envelope. Letters must be mailed one week prior to start of camp in order for the camper to receive it.

RULES & REGULATIONS: These rules are given as guidelines for every camper to follow. This code of conduct has been established for your protection and the benefit of every person present. They must be obeyed at all times! You have pledged yourself to abide by this code during the week you are here.

1. Campers are under the authority of the camp staff during their stay at camp.

2. Campers are not permitted to leave the camp grounds unless a written request by a parent/legal guardian is presented at registration

3. Campers must stay in their rooms after "lights out". Any camper caught outside after this time without a proper reson will be sent home.

4. Campers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times and to attend all scheduled activities.

5. Use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or other illegal items is strictly forbidden

6. No profanity. disrespectful or crude conversation is to be used.

7. Turn in any IPods, electronic games, cell phones, etc. that you have brought to camp. They will be returned during checkout.

8. Keep your room clean. Room checks will be done during morning chapel services.

9. Respect other camper's belongings.

10. Do not damage or deface any camp property. If something is broken, report it immediately. Unnecessary damage will be charged to the person(s) responsible. If the guilty person(s) cannot be found, the cost of the repair will be shared by each camper in the room.

11. Check out at the end of the week at the registration table. Each camper will be free to go home AFTER their room has been cleaned and approved by the Camp Director.

DRESS CODE: The following guidelines will help each camper to pack clothing appropriate for our camp.

Day time wear is casual. "Modesty" is the rule. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable. NO tank tops ,midriffs, sleeveless or tube tops, strapless dresses, mini skirts, or short shorts are permitted. Shorts must be "fingertip length" from the knee. Under garments must be worn and not seen. For safety, shoes are to be worn at all times throughout the camp. Swim suits for girls must be modest, one piece, lined and cover the entire front. Male swim suits are to be boxer style only. Tight or bikini styles are not permitted.

The lack of cooperation, unnecessary roughness, lack of respect for property, or an unwholesome attitude on the part of any camper will result in expulsion from camp. Parents are asked to help explain these rules to their children and encourage compliance while at camp. Parents will be responsible for the transportation home of any dismissed camper. No refunds will be given.


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